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Prithvi Development Studio
Version 0.0.1 (Build: 560) PDF Print E-mail
Prithvi Development Studio is an open source Microsoft Windows based application development environment for Microchip PIC ™ microcontrollers. Prithvi Development Studio provides easy to use, feature rich application development environment for PIC microcontroller developers, using GCBASIC programming language. All the Prithvi core applications and source codes are distributed free of charge under the terms and conditions of MIT open source license. 

Prithvi Development Studio currently supports more than 300 PIC microcontrollers and have large amount of inbuilt functions to accelerate PIC application development process.

Prithvi Development Studio is still in development stages and latest beta version ( is available to download at here.



Prithvi Development Studio Core Features


  • Create applications for Microchip PIC microcontrollers without using any external tools
  • Support for entire PIC development life-cycle (Develop – Build – Program)
  • Support more than 300 PIC Microcontrollers
  • Flexible programming language
  • Support GCBASIC and PIC – Assembler syntax highlighting
  • Auto completion, parameter information and code templates
  • Drag and drop style code editor
  • Easy to use package manager
  • PIC information library
  • High speed code analyzer
  • Inbuilt To-Do list analyze